How to Travel the World as a Fruit Picker

Picking fruit is not your average job, and it’s definitely not the easiest job. However, it is one of the absolute best jobs for world travelers and backpackers who want to work while they travel. Fruit picking jobs allow travelers to make money, stay active, and meet plenty of new people. Not to mention, employers usually cater to the backpacking market and include easy accommodation and transportation for their workers. If you’re a traveler looking to save up some money away from home or even just experience something totally new, fruit picking is the job for you. Keep reading to find out all of the best tips for becoming a fruit picker abroad.

Where to Go

Fruit picking takes place in almost every country, but the main three countries with significant amounts of job opportunities are Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. These three countries are the most popular since they produce many different kinds of fruit, meaning there is almost always something in season. Plus, fruit picking in these countries offers travelers an inside look at more rural areas of these large countries. The best farms to choose for work are those that specifically cater to backpackers and travelers or that operate near hostels. These offer a sense of community and usually end up meeting or exceeding your expectations as a working traveler.

Getting a Visa

Canada, New Zealand, and Australia all offer working holiday visas for travelers from a number of countries around the world. Working holiday visas typically cost somewhere around 500 dollars and allow applicants to travel and work for 12 months in the country. Getting a working holiday visa is relatively easy, and it’s necessary to work legally as a fruit picker in any of these countries. Of course, with a working holiday visa, you can get any type of job. So, why choose fruit picking? It allows you to meet a wide array of other travelers and check out a part of the country you probably wouldn’t see otherwise. Living and working on a farm also typically makes it much easier to save up money than living and working in a city.

Getting a Job

Getting a job as a fruit picker is surprisingly easy, as it is a job primarily done by travelers, immigrants, and temporary workers. It’s possible to pre-arrange a job position through online methods, either directly through the farm or through third-party organizations. Since it is a common travel activity, there are many resources online for finding farming jobs as a foreigner. However, if you have some savings and some extra time, it’s possible and quite easy to find a job once you arrive in the country of your choosing. Do some research about common towns where farm jobs or youth hostels are found. Once you arrive, it’s easy to make connections and inquire about possible job openings nearby. It’s important to be aware of how payments are made at a fruit picking job. While you may be used to getting paid by the hour, some picking jobs make payments by the amount of fruit you pick.

In conclusion, fruit picking is a unique experience unlike any other type of job. Becoming a fruit picker in a foreign country is something that backpackers swear by and definitely never forget. Fruit picking jobs are easy to get, plus they make it easy to save money and easy to make friends. The benefits are endless even though it’s inarguably hard work. It’s a great job and definitely something to look into if you’re thinking of heading to Canada, New Zealand, or Australia especially.


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