Traveling to Japan 101

Japan is a country with many things to offer travelers. It can very comfortably accommodate backpackers, luxury travelers, families, and everything in between. Japan is full of history and culture which is incredible to experience, especially if you’re going to Asia for the very first time! It’s a great place to learn all about the Eastern philosophies and culture. Plus, it’s a considerable change of pace from life in most other areas, making it feel like a new world. Japan is a small collection of islands found in the Pacific Ocean, right at the most Eastern edge of the Asian continent. It usually has relaxed whether all year round, making it an easy trip to squeeze in whenever you have time. This article guides you through all the must-see stops in Japan.


Japan is chock-full of small towns that offer perfect access to the country’s wildlife and nature views. Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan, and worth a visit. It’s actually an active volcano, but adventurers can even climb it if they dare. But, it’s also easy to enjoy Mount Fuji without hiking all the way up. The town of Hakone is a great place to enjoy Lake Ashi and a view of Mount Fuji’s range. In a different landscape, the Tottori Sand Dunes are found right along Japan’s shore. It’s the last thing you imagine when thinking of Japan, but the tiny desert certainly is worth a visit.


Tokyo is the capital of Japan, and a trip to the country isn’t complete without a stop here. The city is a colorful mix of ultra-modern and traditional elements. It’s a huge city, and just walking through it gives a sense of Japanese culture in today’s generation. One must-see part of the town is Shibuya, which is like Tokyo’s version of Times Square. Another beautiful Japanese city is Osaka, and it’s right behind Tokyo concerning size. It’s a popular tourist destination for foreign and domestic travelers alike- featuring its very own Universal Studios theme park. Don’t miss the traditional district of Shinsekai while in Osaka. Plus, the city is full of some of Japan’s oldest and most revered temples which are certainly worth a visit.


Almost every other continent on Earth has embraced some form of Japanese food. It’s beloved everywhere, but there’s no doubt about who makes it best. Japan is the perfect place to get your fix of all the traditional foods. Sushi was invented in Japan, and they continue to make the world’s most highly acclaimed version of it. Not to mention, ramen, which has taken the world by storm, is rooted in Japan. Traditional Japanese ramen is sure to surprise you, and it might even be the highlight of your trip. Some other notable meals to try in their home country are tempura, miso soup, soba noodles, as well as fresh sashimi.


History buffs won’t leave Japan without visiting the cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They’re full of tales about World War Two, and several monumental sites where travelers can learn more about it. Sumo also has its root in Japan and is a very traditional and well-loved activity. There’s no place like Japan to watch a real-life sumo match!

In conclusion, Japan is undoubtedly a worthwhile travel destination. From its unique island nature and wildlife to the history, and of course, the food. Everything found in Japan is to a traveler’s delight. Enjoy the unique Japanese culture without missing out on any of the fun. Plus, don’t forget to eat all your favorite Japanese food made fresh in its original home.

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