TSA Expects a Record-Breaking Summer for American Tourism

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is expecting an exponential increase in tourist screenings this summer at the US-Mexico border and airports across the nation.

America receives millions of international tourists that arrive from all areas of the world year round. This summer is going to be one of the busiest tourist seasons for the TSA. Homeland Security officials are expecting over 250 million tourists to arrive at American airports between Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends. Large influxes of tourists at American customs lead to long lines and understaffed screening points.

The Deputy Administrator of the TSA, Patricia Cogswell, has released a statement that the TSA is going to be hiring and training over two thousand new employees to deal with the increase of tourism. New staff members are going to be distributed across the country immediately. Cogswell, alongside other employees in the TSA, recommends that travelers check into their flights and to refer to the carry-on items regulations before arriving at the screening checkpoint.

Screeners serve a crucial role in the organization and the general flow of airport traffic. However, the Secretary of Homeland Security, Kevin McAleenan, told members of the House panel that there had been no reassigned screeners at the US-Mexico border. The American Association of Airport Executives has advised that there must be an accelerated change of course about the redeployment of screeners to maintain efficiency and safety.

Since the House panel meeting, the Department of Homeland Security has requested around 400 TSA volunteers to aid in transportation, preparing meals, and many other necessities. Also, over 700 agents of Customs and Border Protection have been reassigned. If you are planning on traveling to America between May 23rd and Sept. 3rd, expect crowded lines. The staff is going to be very busy with the massive amounts of people, so plan accordingly to make everyone’s job easier.

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