Visit These Destinations Before They Reach Peak Popularity

Travel Supermarket, a travel website specializing in offering its visitors deals and incentives, has just released a list of the tourist destinations expected to see a huge surge in popularity by about 2025. They did so by compiling data from Euromonitor to see which cities have started to see an increase. Combining that information with socio-political estimates gave them a pretty impressive list. If any of the following spots are on your bucket list, you may want to book your trip soon, to beat the tourist rush.

Jakarta, Indonesia

The destination that is expected to see the biggest surge in the next few years I Jakarta. There were already over 3.5 million tourists to the destination in 2017; a figure experts now estimate is going to double by 2025. Bali is already a popular spot, and many tourists are looking for a quieter alternative. Between shopping excursions at Menteng, a large open-air market, taking a day trip to visit the Thousand Islands, and making a stop at Monas Tower, you can see, experience, and do quite a lot in the nation’s capital.

Backpack Around India

While most traditional tourist destinations, such as Venice and Barcelona, can expect to see a decline in tourists over the next few years, other countries are expected to see a massive boom. This includes India, where at least six destinations are poised to become incredibly popular in the coming years. These include Jaipur, Agra, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai. If India was ever on your bucket list, now is the time to backpack or travel between these tourist-friendly, but not over-crowded cities.

Cairo, Egypt

Cairo was the only one of the 25 top cities on the list to exist outside of Asia. Experts anticipate a close to 90 percent increase in tourists in the coming years. The city is filled with history, shopping, and culture. You could easily spend a day visiting museums, citadels, and the expansive pyramid complexes nearby, capping it all off with a visit to Khan el-Khalili, a huge bazaar offering souvenirs, crafts, and other handmade items. There are hundreds of options for accommodations as well, giving you the ability to choose from five-star hotels or safe and tourist-friendly hostels.

There is something special about having discovered a new favorite vacation spot or experiencing an adventure of a lifetime away from bustling tourist hubs. It brings you closer to the culture, gives you the freedom to explore unhindered by crowds, and ensures that you have time to visit each spot on your list.

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