Wedding Anniversary Trip Ideas

Whether you’re celebrating your 25th anniversary or even your 1st anniversary, making a milestone as you venture on your journey with a loved one is always something to celebrate. Leave out the generic presents and be creative. You could use your love for travel to make your anniversaries even more special by using the following trip ideas as inspiration.

First and Second Year anniversary

The customary gift for your first or second year anniversary is paper. Paper is used to representing the fragile and modest beginning of a marriage. Instead of writing a letter or giving your loved one a paper-based gift, you could take this step a bit further. Why not visit Dublin and head to the UNESCO City of Literature. It is the home to romantic bookstores such as the Winding Stair as well as the Trinity College Library.

Third Year Anniversary

Leather is the customary gift in your third year of marriage. You can mix things up and take a trip down to Texas. Grab your loved one a hat and some leather boots and head down to a dude ranch for a classic Texan experience that they are bound to never forget.

Fourth Year Anniversary

You’ve made it to the fourth year and things haven’t gone sour yet. The customary gift for this anniversary is fruit. The perfect place to visit would be Sicily in Italy, where you can enjoy lemons and blood oranges together with the abundant sunshine. You could also enjoy limoncello or citrus based foods with your partner as a way to ring in your fourth year together.

Fifth Year Anniversary

In the fifth year, you have most likely laid roots to your union and might even be adding to your family tree, which is why the customary gift is wood.  New Zealand would be a perfect place to visit on your fifth year as it’s filled with nature and beautiful Maori carvings. The country is also toddler-friendly and would be a perfect way to include your family in your travels.

While in New Zealand you should visit the Redwoods Whakarewarewa Forest and the Whakarewarewa Village, which is filled with buildings that have wooden carved finishing’s.

Seventh Year Anniversary

Wool is usually provided as a gift on the seventh year anniversary and it’s used to symbolize comfort, security, and warmth. You could look into visiting Peru on this year as colorful socks, ponchos, and bobble hats are customary, and then snuggle up with your partner as you admire the Andean landscape.

There are also weave shops all over Peru where you can learn traditional weaving and dyeing techniques with the locals.

10th Year Anniversary

You might have saved for your wedding by indulging in canned soup and tinfoil wrapped meals but after 10 years you deserve a bit more indulgence. The tenth anniversary is about gifting your partner with tin, as it represents durability.

On your 10th anniversary, you should look into going on a cruise ship around the Caribbean. This way you get some time alone to experience the islands while on board a cruise ship overlooking the ocean.

15th Year Anniversary

The 15th year is such an amazing milestone and the traditional gift for your partner is crystal, as it symbolizes something fine and pure, which is your union. The perfect place to take your loved one is France, specifically the Reims region as they are renown as the home of champagne. You could go for champagne tours and visit big name producers of Moet and Chandon or Veuve Clicquot.

If you would like to go elsewhere, you could also visit Watten in Austria and indulge your partner with some Swarovski crystals.

20th Year Anniversary

On your 20th anniversary, the traditional gift would be to give your partner fine china. Instead of doing this you could journey to the home of porcelain itself, China. Take a trip to explore ceramic workshops in Jingdezhen that highlight the local craftsmanship.

25th Year Anniversary

At this point, you might be spotting a few grey hairs with your partner.  On this year, your gift should be silver, and why not visit Uganda and witness the wild and beautiful forest and animals in the Bwindi National Park. It’s a once in a lifetime experience and what makes it even better is being able to share it with a loved one.

30th Year Anniversary

The 30th year is all about pearls. Pearls are one of the oldest gems and it is highly valuable too. It symbolizes faith, honesty, and prosperity. You can showcase your love and appreciation by visiting Fiji. You can take your loved one on a pearl tour then visit the local pearl markets and negotiate your way for an amazing gift for them.

Wedding anniversaries don’t have to be traditional anymore. You can choose to spend time with your loved one exploring the world together and matching this with a theme from your anniversary year.

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