Winning a Finn: Free Travel is a Possibility

Many people want to travel but don’t because they can’t afford it. Well travelling may not be as expensive as you think. You just have to get creative. There are the old standbys of booking trips way in advance or going somewhere in the offseason. But if you look for them, sometimes you can find the deal of a lifetime.

Free Trip to Finland

For the second year in a row, Finland has been voted the happiest country in the world. Now Finland has decided to share their secrets with the rest of us. They are running a sweepstakes to offer away a limited number of trips to Finland for free. The trip comes with a Finnish guide included.

Finland may be the happiest country in the world but they are not the richest. So only a handful of people get to go on this once in a lifetime trip.

Other Options

This chance to win a trip to Finland with your very own guide is a good example of a creative travel option that can save you money.

But perhaps the most famous option of free travel is Birthright. This is the trip that allows people of Jewish heritage to visit Israel for free.

These are just two examples but the more you look the more you find. There are many options that involve volunteering. Sometimes you can pay a small fee to volunteer in a foreign country. But be careful with volunteering. Make sure that the company you’re going with is reputable and that you actually have viable skills to offer.

Another good option is Work Away. This website helps to place people in volunteering or work positions where they can stay somewhere for free. WOOFing is another good option for cheap travel. This organization helps to place you on a farm where you can work and stay for free.

When you start doing your research you begin to find that traveling is really more doable than you think.

Do you know how to travel cheaply?

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