Woman Makes Shocking Joke While Aboard a Plane

Terrorism and hijacking are no joke, especially when considering airplanes. One woman did not take this point to heart when she boarded an Air Canada flight on Tuesday. She was headed, along with several other passengers, from Fort Lauderdale to Montréal on the approximately three-hour long flight. Nathalie Dorothee was sitting with her boyfriend when she made a decision that had lasting consequences.

The plane was about to take off when the flight attendants were double checking that everyone’s bags were properly stowed. They asked if anyone had a bag too large to fit into the overhead compartments. Nathalie decided to crack a joke about her bag not fitting since there was a bomb inside. This was definitely an ill-advised thing to say while on a plane. Even her boyfriend realized this and told her that she should quiet down for fear of getting removed from the flight.

Unfortunately for the couple, someone had already heard the inappropriate joke. A flight attendant reported what she had overheard directly to the captain. The flight’s captain had to decide what to do about Nathalie’s comment. Of course, he didn’t want to take any risks. He had all the passengers removed from the plane and sent back into the airport. Officials shut down the entire terminal as the bomb squad was sent in to investigate every piece of luggage.

After a while, it was confirmed that there were no explosives anywhere aboard the plane. Nathalie explained herself when being questioned and confirmed that she was just joking when she made the comment. That wasn’t enough to get her off the hook. She was arrested for making a false report of a bomb and headed to court the next day. Her lawyer explained she was aware of just how horrible her joke had been.

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