The World of Long-Haul Air Travel Is Changing Forever

Ever since the invention of the airplane, the industry has been immersed in near-constant changes. The idea that regular, working-class people might get the chance to enjoy flights and hop on airplanes would have seemed impossible just a few short decades ago. What was once a luxury reserved only for those with bundles of cash to spend is now a very accessible form of travel, both domestic and international.

The frequency of long-haul international flights is only growing bigger and bigger nowadays. The longest flight in the world goes from Singapore to New York in just under 20 hours. However, many long flights are happening every day that range from 6 to 16 hours. That’s a lot of time in the air, confined to a tiny space. The people over at AIM Altitude realized that sitting down for up to 20 hours, or not getting the chance to move very much within that time, is in no way ideal for the average traveler.

The designers at this British aviation company have announced the creation of an innovative airplane design called Ultraflex. Essentially, Ultraflex is a small space to be installed inside of aircraft, designed to optimize every inch and allow a relaxing area for passengers to use. The area serves as a small grocery shop, an exercise area, play area, work area, and dining room- it’s everything rolled up into one small area.

The idea behind Ultraflex is to offer all passengers a place to not only move their bodies but also to mingle and make the flight experience better for everyone onboard. The design also includes private booths that are used for whatever the passengers need- a place for young kids to play, for people to stretch out, or for families to sit and enjoy dinner. The opportunities are endless, and that’s what the creators of Ultraflex want to emphasize.

Engaging Sentence: What’s going on in the world of long-haul flights?

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